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Buying Cosmetic Supplies When On Holiday In Thailand

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Thailand is not only a fantastic holiday destination but also offers excellent shopping for a wide variety of products, including cosmetics and other items. If you are heading to Thailand soon on holiday, you may want to put aside some time to enjoy some of the shopping on offer and try out some of the great cosmetics that are available. Below are some of the various products you may wish to try that are popular throughout Asia and are at highly affordable prices.

Beautiful Smelling Thai Shampoos

With the many great ingredients at hand in Asia, it is no wonder they make some excellent shampoos that also smell beautiful. Whether you love the smell of mangos, coconut, or lemongrass, Thai herbal shampoo comes in many varieties. There are shampoos suitable for various hair types, so you can get something that will suit you personally. The cost of these products is much more affordable than in western countries, so you may want to stock up your suitcase before heading home.

Moisturising Creams With A Difference

When you look at the many moisturising products available in Thailand, you will notice many of the same brands you get in your home country. However, this is usually one significant difference from the ones you get at home. Many Thai and other Asian products have bleach in them to promote skin whitening, so if you are the type of person who likes a tan, you may want to avoid these. You can get creams and lotions without bleach, but these are less common, so you may need to search for them, and they can be more expensive than other products.

A Wide Variety Of Makeup

Visiting the cosmetics departments at some of the larger shops will show you that choices are abundant when buying makeup in Thailand. As with the moisturiser creams and lotions, you need to look at the ingredients, as some will also contain bleach to help lighten the skin. However, you can often get designers brands at a significantly lower price than at home, so it is an excellent place to shop for makeup and stock up on supplies.

Essential Oils

Thailand is also an excellent destination to purchase essential oils, and you can use these for aromatherapy or massage. Every time you use the oils, it will remind you of being in Thailand and flood you with many happy memories. You can purchase cinnamon, frankincense, kaffir lime, orange, and many others, so something is available for all tastes and preferences.

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